Thursday, November 11, 2010

My girls..

Oh how I will miss them. EACH and EVERY day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This was them then. Last Spring. Around EASTER. I loved this shoot. They had little chicks from the neighbor..

I love that charley is eating her hair, because she used to. ALL THE TIME! Not anymore, I cut it shortish so its a lot harder!! Emma ALSO Lost all her hair.. she is cute and its growing back fast.. Ellie got an A-line thats still long, past her shoulders. All this since then. I love looking back at how they used to be - seems like all we see is the now. and forget what it was. sad. the past isn't always bad.

Friday, September 10, 2010

first day of school 2010

So as you can tell.. we were not prepared for the first day of school! Ellie has on her pj bottoms.. her choice.. she wouldn't wear 'capris'... they are too long. emma wanted to have wavy hair.. which was done with braids, but her hair is so thick.. it doesn't dry in ten minutes like mine.. and poor charley was so nervous.. she really wanted to puke. She cried when the teacher took them inside. whimpered like a little puppy. I hate that. Makes me feel guilty and I am not sensitive like that! anyway, they all made it through the day. Charley still cries once in a while, so she decided to take my wedding ring in her backpack to remember me with. (it is now safe in the jewelry box) I found her an old watch that doesn't work, instead. Jackson is loving 9th grade and refused to do first day pictures. we are working on his attitude! heres a few more picts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


WEll... more like their EMPLOYEES care! Usually about once a month I go volunteer for local events in honor of KOHLS (my employer) and help these causes earn some serious cash. Each event held gets $500 from the company! Thats a lot to me! So it makes me feel good to get out and help in the community. This last fundraiser went to youth football to help provide pads for those who couldn't afford them. That is awesome! I love sports and I love kids so it all worked out for the best! We washed cars for the league. It was a HOT DAY.. but the local radio station provided us with cold drinks and the young boys occasionally got crazy with the hose so we all got wet eventually! Fun day.